Suzuki Method Certification?

Answer The Suzuki method of learning music was invented by the Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. His theory was based on children's ability to catch on to their native language by watching and listening... Read More »

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How to Train for the Suzuki Method?

The Suzuki Method is a method for learning how to play a musical instrument that incorporates a significant amount of ear training and learning how to play music in a progression using song books o... Read More »

What is the Suzuki guitar method?

The Suzuki Method is a program designed to teach children how to play musical instruments, such as the guitar. According to Stephen Bondy Guitar Studio, the Suzuki Method has instructed hundreds of... Read More »

Can NC condominium HOA specify method of unit access such as mandate of master key method?

Check your governing documents, which will specify your board's power to mandate unit access parameters.As well, check the NC state law governing condominiums to see how this topic is covered in st... Read More »

When Would a Fair Value Method Be More Appropriate Than the Equity Method?

When determining the value of an investment to be reported on the financial statements, you must make a choice between the fair value method and the equity method. The Financial Accounting Standard... Read More »