Sushi without seaweed?

Answer order the nigiri sushi. this are slices or fish that are placed on top of a susihi rice. it normally comes in two pieces per serving.

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Does seaweed grow without soil?

Seaweed does grow without soil. Seaweeds are actually not plants; they are algae. Unlike plants, they do not have roots or stems. Instead, seaweeds have holdfasts to anchor themselves and stipes fo... Read More »

How to Make Sushi Without a Bamboo Mat?

Roll rice into a sheet of nori seaweed and you have sushi. To create the tight roll of the sushi, sushi chefs traditionally use a bamboo mat. The home cook who does not have specialty sushi-making ... Read More »

Can you make sushi rice without salt and sugar?

You sure can make sushi rice without salt and sugar. You can use short grain brown calrose rice. You want a rice a little sticky so when you roll your rice with the filling inside the rice the ric... Read More »

What are the more pricer sushi and sashimi pieces at a sushi buffet?

They are all include with the price of the buffet.