Sushi, what does it taste like is it raw fish?

Answer There are so many different kinds of sushi. Some of it is raw, some is cooked, some is vegetarian. Someone said sushi = vinegar rice, which is true, but probably not what you're looking for.If you ... Read More »

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Okay how does sushi taste like?

If you eat california rolls, you won't have to eat raw fish. A lot of people love them. If you like spicy, then go for the spicy tuna roll. You might even like the sushi with wasabi. The more fancy... Read More »

SUSHI IS GROSS!! My Friend Sells Fresh FISH, you can SEE worms in fresh fish meat.?

I hate to admit it because I love Sushi but its true!... There is a slight risk of contracting a parasitic infection when consuming sushi, but there are many other unspoken risks as well. Primarily... Read More »

Sushi or cooked fish?

sushi.its yummy!!!!!!!!im drooling right now!

How to Spot a Fish That's Right for Sushi?

You might be tempted to make your own sushi - it's only raw fish, how hard can it be? If you're going to do it, you need to make sure the fish is really fresh - here's what you need to do.