Survey...Why would it take 2 weeks for a change of internet provider ?

Answer bet she was gutted mate!!!

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Why would my internet provider ring?

I work for an Broadband company and can tell you now that your ISP will never call you about any such thing as to downloading or watching illegal content. What they can ring you up about is Promot... Read More »

What would happen if you take castor oil and you are 34 weeks going on 35 weeks?

more than likely nothing it will just make you poop,because your body is not ready to have the baby yet,and you will cramp really bad don't try it

What is a leg injury that would take you out for 6-8 weeks?

I heard taking an arrow to the knee really messes ur leg up so it might be that

You are 38 weeks pregnant and 1 cm dialated 50 effaced Would it be ok to take castor oil for induction?

I would recommend not taking anything without talking to your doctor first. If they want to induce you, they will give you medicine in the hospital. One way to "naturally" induce yourself is to hav... Read More »