Survey~Do you delete Relatives from your Facebook..?

Answer well i haven't as of yet but if someone did that to me, relative or not, i certainly would delete themdon't blame you at all

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How to Delete Who Has Checked Your Profile From Facebook?

If you have clicked on a link on Facebook to see who has checked your profile, you probably know by now that the application doesn't work. Instead, it takes you to an unrelated website and posts me... Read More »

How do you delete people from Facebook on your phone ?

im not sure if it depends on the phone you have.. but on my phone you go to the persons page you want to delete press on friends and then press unfriend

If you delete a friend from facebook...will they still be tagged in your photos?

How do you get out of a family lie with your relatives over a cd you stole from your cousin?

The only way to "get out of a lie" is to admit to the lie, return or replace the stolen property, and ask for forgiveness.