Survey: have you ever had or made Pork and Bean Salad?

Answer Hi, Um I never had any. I don't eat meat but like beans.My gram makes it, with Chilis, pintos and black beans, and pulled/shredded pork.

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Would anyone have the recipe for the Warm Bean Salad served at the Chancery Restaurant?

check this:…shows a hot 5 bean recipe, think its what ur looking for

Have you ever eaten chicken feet and pork tail?

No I have not. Would I try them? Yes I would. It also depends on how they are cooked. Just because someone tastes a certain food once and doesn't like it it doesn't automatically preclude that food... Read More »

Have you ever had jellyfish salad?

I've seen them. Just jiggling there. You mean the jellied fish salads right? The jello mold salads with fish and god knows what else in them?I should make one and put old cell phones it it. See if ... Read More »

Survey: Have you ever drank absinthe?

Yes! It's legal in Japan.The Absinthe I had was Pernod. It was really good. It tastes like Anise (licorice). You get drunk faster, and it's a minor hallucinogen. Although the worst that happened... Read More »