Survey for teen cell phone users!?

Answer My parents pay for mine...(verizon family plan 10 a month) but in return i have to do well in school to keep it. its like a reward for good grades. :)

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How to Deal With Rude Cell Phone Users?

Ever been in a mall and had to listen to one half of a conversation because the person is talking WAY to loud? Then here is a way to deal with it.

Do you have any examples of cell phone users with new ways to be annoying?

people talking to their deaf drug dealers at the top of their lungs. they're making a deal and they're talking like they have two cans connected by a string. nothing like trying to be a little less... Read More »

Im a pre teen, I have a cell phone is that ok?

There's nothing wrong with a preteen owning a cell phone. Just be mature about it and be careful with it.

How to Cope With Not Having a Cell Phone (Teen Girls)?

Not having a phone really stinks sometimes. But its really not so bad! Here's how to make yourself realize that.