Survey: Which do you prefer to cook with Gas or electric?

Answer gas is so much easier to control the temp, and when you turn it off you can leave the pan right where it is, with electric, it stays hot, so you have to move it which isn't always easy if you're co... Read More »

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Which do you prefer: Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Also which fizzy drink do you prefer?

I prefer the flavour or Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max. Normal coke is OK but diet coke has a thinner flavour.My favourite used to be Virgin Cola but they stopped making it so now I suppose my favourite ... Read More »

Survey If you like hot chocolate do you prefer it made with water and a drop of milk or all milk or other?

First of all; woo scooter the magic squirrel answered this questionn!!! phaha what a legend.And now on to your question; what i had once in a hotel is in a small jug there was some milk and in the ... Read More »

How to Cook With an Electric Range?

For people who are accustomed to cooking on gas burners, electric range cooking can initially pose some problems -- both with kitchen safety and with cooking outcomes. Using an electric stove is fa... Read More »

How to Cook With an Indoor Electric Grill?

Grilling does not require perfect weather outside. During inclement weather, an indoor electric grill gives your food the same grill marks as an outdoor barbecue from the comfort of your kitchen. C... Read More »