Survey: When Alarm Sirens Sound From Emergency Vehicles ?

Answer I know this sounds weird, but sometimes when I hear sirens shortly after one of my kids leaves to go somewhere in their car, I worry a little that something might have happened to them. We live in... Read More »

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How far to the right should you pull over when am emergency vehicle with sirens on is coming through?

You should pull over far enough that the ambulance will have a clear lane. If that means blocking a bicycle lane, then so be it. A bicycle can stop just as well as a car.

Why do emergency vehicles always get the right of way?

They don't actually have the right of way as such.Other drivers should get out of their way or let them proceed when it is safe for them to do so, effectively giving them right of way.Yes occasiona... Read More »

How to Obey the "Move Over Law" When Passing Stopped Emergency Vehicles?

Surveys have shown that many people have not heard of the Move Over Law for motorists. All but seven states have relatively new driving laws in effect which require the following: When passing a ... Read More »

Who invented the sound of a car alarm?

The first known car alarm was invented by an unknown Nebraskan inventor in 1920. It consisted of a bell or horn that was connected to the drive shaft. The design of this alarm also cut off function... Read More »