Survey; What if somebody launched a "Facebook Answers"?

Answer G'Day Mate You KNOW me .lolI already use my FB as a Q & A site & its a blast .You can say anything you like on my page & NEVER get deleted Think " Middle Names " lolavag'dayluv D :)

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What to ask on a marijuana survey Need answers asap?

Why do you you feel the need to use illegal drugs?What is missing in your life that makes you want to use drugs?Doesn't it worry you that the smoke inhaled is damaging your lungs?Doesn't it worry ... Read More »

Survey: When kissing somebody, do you use "both" the upper and lower lips?

Ah ha ha! I can't believe how long it took me to ge t that!If it's a good kiss my lower lips start to spasm.

What to do about somebody stalking me on facebook?

Ignore him and keep blocking him. If he's making actual threats against you, you could report him on facebook or even get the police involved.You can setup your facebook so that you are hidden to p... Read More »

What does ' @ somebody ' mean in facebook ?

no,it means they are included in your comment and they can check it if they want to.