Survey; What if somebody launched a "Facebook Answers"?

Answer G'Day Mate You KNOW me .lolI already use my FB as a Q & A site & its a blast .You can say anything you like on my page & NEVER get deleted Think " Middle Names " lolavag'dayluv D :)

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We are taking a survey..... We NEED ANSWERS!!!!?

I've always been into the creamy PB ....Until I discovered the "Honey Roasted Peanuts, Peanut Butter"The creamy was OK ... but the CRUNCHY was excellent!!

What to ask on a marijuana survey Need answers asap?

Why do you you feel the need to use illegal drugs?What is missing in your life that makes you want to use drugs?Doesn't it worry you that the smoke inhaled is damaging your lungs?Doesn't it worry ... Read More »

Survey for boys only. girls welcome to look at answers?

Brunette, Blonde, Redhead, Black hair?: I like them all but admit I have a thing about ginger hair.Brown, Blue, Green eyes?: Doesn't make any difference to me - I like them all. :)What kind of sty... Read More »

Whats ur favorite old band out of the following list Plz your answers NEEDED (survey project)?