Survey. Ladies health. At what age did you begin to menstruate?

Answer 3 days after my 13th Birthday.Our Daughter though had very 'irregular periods' and after visits to the Doctor discovered she had polycystic ovaries.So, my advice would be if you are worried about a... Read More »

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First Ladies baby name survey?

1. Louisa2. Rachel3. Grace (or Anna. I love both)4. Mary5. Martha6. Edith7. Harriet8. Nancy9. Hillary10. Eliza11. Ida12. Rosalynn13. Eleanor

Fun survey for the pregnant ladies! ?

1) How many weeks pregnant are you?29 weeks2) Do you know the sex of your baby? Are you planning to find out?Little Boy!3) Are you having any cravings? What are you craving for?Walkers Square's Sal... Read More »

SURVEY for LADIES:: When applying your foundation...?

I use mineral makeup it's a powder and it looks so much better than the other stuff and is much better for your skin.I only use it when I wear makeup though

Survey for the ladies because i care - What size is your bra?

38D.Because I care, what size is your junk?