Survey: How can I convince my mother not to make me go to school ?

Answer Throw yourself on the floor,it still works for me..

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How do I convince my mother to buy me a cellphone?

tell her that if she doesnt get you a cell phone that you're going to fail all your classes on purpose that's what i'm doing to get a hampster and so far it's working :D you can also talk about "wh... Read More »

How do I convince my mother to dye my hair black?

You can compromise and use a temporary dye.

How can I help or convince my mother to quit smoking?

Appeal to her motherly instincts. I know she very much wants to see you grow up, and to be there for her grandchildren that she'll one day have. I struggled with smoking for years, and it still com... Read More »

How do i convince a mother to move to assisted living?

Helping a parent with the transition to assisted living can be a challenging experience. Some adults are resistant to assisted living facilities in general, while others may think they do not need ... Read More »