Survey: How can I convince my mother not to make me go to school ?

Answer Throw yourself on the floor,it still works for me..

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How to Convince Your Mother to Get You Something You Really Want?

Ever wanted anything so bad, but didn't have the money for it. Here's how to convince your parent(s) to buy it for you. You can always buy it yourself if you can afford it and ask them to pay you b... Read More »

How should I convince my mother I don't want to eat meat?

Sounds like some kind of weird power struggle to me. Is she trying to make some traditional meal you used to eat or something? Whatever it is, just be firm that you don't eat meat and if she trie... Read More »

How do I convince my mother to buy me a cellphone?

tell her that if she doesnt get you a cell phone that you're going to fail all your classes on purpose that's what i'm doing to get a hampster and so far it's working :D you can also talk about "wh... Read More »

How can I help or convince my mother to quit smoking?

Appeal to her motherly instincts. I know she very much wants to see you grow up, and to be there for her grandchildren that she'll one day have. I struggled with smoking for years, and it still com... Read More »