Survey: Have you ever drank absinthe?

Answer Yes! It's legal in Japan.The Absinthe I had was Pernod. It was really good. It tastes like Anise (licorice). You get drunk faster, and it's a minor hallucinogen. Although the worst that happened... Read More »

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Have you ever had..Absinthe..?

Hi, Absinthe is a herbal liquor very similar to Gin. It is usually based, flavor wise, around the botanicals Wormwood, Star Anise and other "Licorice" flavored herbs. Wormwood does contain a ch... Read More »

Have you ever drank in a pub with a spitune still being used and sawdust on the floor. I have.?

FOR MEN: have you ever drank menstrual blood?

THAT'S GROSS!!! I give you the STAR for nastiest question of the day!Sandy :O(

Have you ever drank a Red Bull drink?

i have. it's not the best drink in the world, but it's good. it almost tastes like that Big League Chew gum