Survey: Do you prefer panna cotta or egg pudding more?

Answer I don't like dairy and eggs that much. I don't have a preference

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Survey: Do you prefer tapioca pudding or chocolate pudding?

Tapioca puddingChocolate pudding tastes kind of like chocolate powder cake

How to Make Vanilla Panna Cotta?

A delicious, creamy traditional Italian dessert. In Italian, "panna cotta" means "cooked cream". This version serves four people.

How to Make a Romantic Chocolate Panna Cotta Dessert?

Here is how to make this truly delicious dessert. The perfect end to any date, learn how to make your very own Chocolate Panna Cotta.

Survey: Which do you prefer to cook with Gas or electric?

gas is so much easier to control the temp, and when you turn it off you can leave the pan right where it is, with electric, it stays hot, so you have to move it which isn't always easy if you're co... Read More »