Survey: Do you prefer 7Up or Sprite or have no preference?

Answer I prefer 7Up, but not by much

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What do you prefer Sprite or Coke?

Coke (Caffeine free Diet Coke to be precise)

Do you prefer natural juice or soda( sprite, coke )? era viviado em refrigerantes...mas eles me ocasionaram gastrite, hj prefiro sucos naturais..e gosto de fazer misturas, tipo laranja com cenoura...abacaxi com laranja ,...laranja com mama... Read More »

Survey: Which do you prefer to cook with Gas or electric?

gas is so much easier to control the temp, and when you turn it off you can leave the pan right where it is, with electric, it stays hot, so you have to move it which isn't always easy if you're co... Read More »

Poll/Survey: When it comes to manual "work" do you prefer to do it yourself or to have someone do it for you?

whoa....i hadn't seen this ? of yours! manually, i prefer to do it myself, as i know the way home if you know what i mean. orally now, that's something totally different....lmao....;-)