Survey #68(to the Vegetarian and Vegans)?

Answer 1.What made you become a Vegetarian or a Vegan?- born in to a family that are vegetarians2.How long have you been one?- my whole life3.What do you think of meat eaters?- i don't mind if there not v... Read More »

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Vegetarians and Vegans, what do you find annoying about other Vegetarian and Vegans?

I dislike it when other vegans wear shirts or bumper stickers that say," Heart attacks, God's revenge for people eating meat, or " Meat it's what 's rotting in your colon". I also dislike the fact... Read More »

Survey for vegetarians / vegans?

I'll answer this....I am vegan because:a) A conscience decision based on a healthier dietb) Just plain don't like the taste or texture of meatd) religious beliefsf) protest against cruelty to anim... Read More »

Short survey for vegans and vegetarians?

1. What diet(s) do you follow?vegan (processed veg foods included)2. How long have you been meat free?ovo-lacto vegetarian for 8 years, vegan for 1 year 3. What made you start this diet?If I rememb... Read More »

In tribute to Vegetarians/Vegans How's about a Vegetable survey?

im vegetarian :Dthis quiz is cute, it made me smile :P1 Carrots2 Corn3 Baked Potatoe4 Lettuce5 Potatoe Salad6 Spinach7 Radishes8 Whats Okra? (I don't like squash)9 Green10 Neither