Surprise Gifts for a Wife?

Answer A University of Virginia study done by sociologists W. Bradford Wilcox and Steven L. Nock finds that a wife's happiness depends on one thing: emotional engagement. So the best surprise gift a husba... Read More »

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How to Arrange a Surprise for Your Wife?

The key to arranging a successful surprise is to know the person to be surprised really well. As you should know your wife as well as anyone, you are in a good position to carry this off. Not every... Read More »

Gag Gifts for a Wife?

Wives with a sense of humor will appreciate a gag gift. Gag gifts ideas for a wife range from stress relief capsules to a plastic replica of a pest she hates. Whatever you choose, you're certain to... Read More »

Christian Gifts for a Wife?

Finding the perfect gift for your Christian wife is simpler than you may think. As her husband, you know the things she likes and dislikes, so take these into account. A Christian wife is constantl... Read More »

Pregnancy Gifts for a Wife?

Pregnancy is an exciting, but challenging time. Support your wife and make her feel better during those emotional, uncomfortable months. Give her a gift to bring a smile to her face and aid her in ... Read More »