Surgery next week wondering what to expect?

Answer Do not push more than your therapist suggests, by doing so you could do more damage. Always, always, always listen to your therapist. Keep open communication with them at all times about any unus... Read More »

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What is the average number of sales per week for a DirecTV salesman - I'm planning on going door to door Sat and Sun 12 hrs each day and I'm just wondering how many sales I can expect?

How can you tell if my HR22-100 is new from Directv or refurbished. Have nothing but trouble with refurbished.

ACL reconstruction Surgery what to expect?

Expect some pain after surgery.Good luck!

What should I expect after mouth surgery?

I had that happen 3-4 years ago. I was put asleep. You wake up and have a little pain. I think it'll be numb also. Nothing too bad.

Laser Eye Surgery - Yes or No - I want to get it done but i was wondering what people think of it?

My vision is 20/400 which is really bad. There was a time I really wanted to do the Lasik surgery. However, quite frankly, I am quite hesitant now... because of the possible side effects, and the o... Read More »