Surfing the net drinking my bottle of coke begs the question coca cola or pepsi?

Answer COKE!! all the way...i have a friend whos obssesed with coke, no exaggeration! She drinks 2 liters a day and has every possible coke thing there is!

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Pepsi or Coca-Cola (Coke)?

Do you prefer pepsi or coca-cola (coke)?

I perfer Pepsi because Coca-Cola has too much gas.

Poll: Diet Coke, Coca-Cola or Pepsi Max?

Pepsi Max every time for me,The others (Including Coke Zero) have no real taste whereas Pepsi Max doesAnd all without any sugar!

If I plant this fresh bottle of coca cola, will a coke tree pop out of the ground?

Sure will!! But you have to water them everyday, like ten times a day. :P