Surely this is a myth?

Answer Of course its a myth. I don't believe in magic or alternative therapies, only in things that are science based. On the down side, it might be nice to believe in such things.

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ISP's: In the UK surely we'd all be better off with BT because:?

Its BT Openreach that own and service all the equipment and BT own all the telephone exchanges which all the phone lines use, they are currently upgrading the whole of the UK, its going to take ma... Read More »

Surely man flu is worse than childbirth?

yes, definitely....when my man has the flu it is worse than my childbirth ever was!

I like RTV,just not DOI and USBB,surely Im entitled to say that?

just ignore him he is a toss pot. make sure you block him too. just try not to keep saying you hate it because people will get sick of it. we know now that you do not like those particular shows. ... Read More »

A man. . in a metal suit, surely not?