Supposed to be weaning off the T3's four days after wisdom teeth removal?

Answer Hey ! I'm on day four also of having my wisdom teeth removed ! I got the same T3 prescription, but I believe I was told to use until finished. Anyways, I haven't been taking them today because I'm... Read More »

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Is 3 days off long enough for wisdom teeth removal?

Most of the time 3 days would work A little info I think should be considered about this drug Versed ( Midazolam ) that is used for Sedation for many medical procedures..Sedation and General Anest... Read More »

What is the surgery like for removal of extra impacted wisdom teeth behind wisdom teeth that are already present?

It is very unusual to have two sets of wisdom teeth - are you sure? Removal is only required if problems occur and the teeth do not erupt normally. After surgery, there is commonly pain, swelling, ... Read More »

Are wisdom teeth supposed to hurt molar teeth?

Yes, you should go to the dentist. Most likely, it is due to wisdom teeth, and not caused by the root canal.

Are wisdom teeth supposed to hurt your molars?

No, pain is not normal. If you have a bump and have swelling with pain, you may have an infected tooth. See you dentist soon. Wisdom teeth don't always hurt though, only if they are infected, decay... Read More »