Supplements are KILLING my stomach, advice?

Answer Have your supplements tested on you by an Applied Kinesiologist. They can help you figure out which ones are good for you. They can figure out your allergies (food that you are sensitive to). I ... Read More »

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My stomach and head are killing me!!?

You're stating that you have pressure combined with nausea, but not pain. Did your activities or routine change within the last couple of months? How about diet or medications? It could be muscl... Read More »

My stomach issues are pretty much ruining my life :( Any advice is helpful.?

That is anxiety. In a way it is a conditioned response that you may have learned because you had this stomach problem. But now it is a response to anxiety alone. You may need some therapy, medicati... Read More »

How to Give People Advice and Make Them Think It's Good Advice?

At some point in your life, you will be confronted with a situation where someone comes to you looking for advice. If completely clueless or indifferent to the other person's emotional needs, follo... Read More »

Can fluttering in the stomach similar to when your stomach growls be a symptom of pregnancy?