Super heavy period, in a lot of pain?

Answer I'm pretty sure you CAN get birth control at 13. Talk to your mom about it. You would have to get a prescription and perhaps talk to a counselor about the side effects. It can't hurt to at least as... Read More »

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Can You be pregnant even if you are getting your period but it is light and then heavy and is nothing like what your period usually is if you feel weak get sick after you eat something are over tired?

Could it be possible to be pregnant if you have been spotting for 2 days extremely tired breast feel heavy and sore really hungry yet dont wanna eat and abdominal pain headaches and low back pain took?

Answer Yes. Take a home pregnancy test or see a doctor. You can take the test as soon as you have missed your period First Response Early Test can be taken even 1 or 2 days before period starts. U... Read More »

Why am i bleeding so heavy on my period?

the first day is usually very light. The next days will be heavy. It's normal. But if it is very heavy I suggest you use heavy flow pads or tampons what ever you prefer. If you have irregular peri... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if your flow is usually heavy and dark but recent period was weird like medium flow and bright period alway on time last full 6 day but this time came day late ended day early?

Answer Usually, if you are having your period you aren't pregnant. If you are young (say under 20) then your body is still "getting into the groove" of ovulating and having periods---your periods w... Read More »