Sunburned Face and neck very painful?

Answer cold water is the best/only first aid when you burn yourself - 20 minutes under the tap and no less. NEVER ice OR vinegar OR milk OR butter OR green tea OR mustard OR toothpaste OR sunscreen OR sem... Read More »

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I have a sunburned face and its peeling but have moderate acne?

your best bet would be to use aloe vera gel. but i completely swear by this sooth and unblemish facial regimen. Well, actually, it depends how old you are. I'm in my mid thirties and it seemed that... Read More »

I have a painful rash / bite on my neck?

You should go to the doctors to get it checked, it sounds like a bite but your skin might have had a reaction to something. Also, if it's itchy try not to scratch it, you may scratch the head off t... Read More »

Painful muscle cramps in my neck?

Hi there: here is what will help to stop them. You get a hot bath and add some Epsom;s salts. This will relax your back muscles. I did this when i was playing football. You have a fine day.

Painful swollen Neck Gland?

Maybe you have strep throat or something which would require antibiotics, too.