Sunburn pain...?

Answer take a cool shower but not too cold.then put on aloe vera..lots of it.keep putting it on a couple of times a day. it will help the heat and pain and will prevent peeling.i also know Tylenol helps( ... Read More »

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What can I do for my son's sunburn pain?

Aloe soothes burns. Also, ibuprofen for the pain.

How to Ease the Pain of a Sunburn?

Pain and redness from a sunburn usually peak after about 24 hours, followed by blisters, itching and peeling. There are several ways to treat a sunburn. Follow these steps for simple home treatme... Read More »

Noxema & Sunburn Pain?

Too much time enjoying outdoor activities combined with too little sunscreen equals one souvenir most would rather not take home, a nasty sunburn. When skin turns lobster red and is screaming for r... Read More »

How to ease new sunburn pain?

Sudacreme. It cures angry red nappy rash on babies tender skin and will really ease your sun burn.