Sunburn. Any home made remedies?

Answer Vinegar will take the pain away immediately and Aloe will keep you from peeling.

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Home Remedies for Sunburn Itching?

You've spent the day outdoors and paid the price with a sunburn. How can you relieve the itching? You may find what you need in your own home. Does this Spark an idea?

Has anyone got quick home remedies for sunburn HELP!?

I got a really bad sunburn, what are some at home remedies?

If you're going to use aloe vera, it should be 100 percent aloe vera in a gel form and it should be kept chilled. I'd strongly recommend a wet washcloth over your face while you sleep if you can to... Read More »

Does anyone have any home remedies for sunburn relief?

tomatoes, sounds crazy but it works. slice them up like you were putting them on a sandwich