Sunbed Tips?

Answer Sunbeds, or tanning beds, can give you an even tan without having to rely on the sun. Indoor tanning has become a popular alternative to outdoor tanning. It can be used if you want to stay tan year... Read More »

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How to Get the Best Tan in a Sunbed?

Getting a tan from a tanning bed is safer than lying out in the sun. When you use a tanning bed, you are in a controlled environment. You control the settings and length of use of the tanning bed. ... Read More »

Can you use a sunbed while breastfeeding?

there is no reason why you can not use sunbeds when breastfeeding, so long as it is not at the same time!be aware sunbeds can increase the risk oof skin cancer but at the same time is very good for... Read More »

How to Operate a Sunbed?

A sunbed, or tanning bed, allows you to maintain a year-round tan, regardless of the weather outside. A sunbed produces ultraviolet rays which mimic the UV rays produced by the sun, and not only en... Read More »

How to Get a Good Tan on a Sunbed?

Tanning in a sunbed can help you get an even tan without any tan lines. However, sunbed tanning can leave you with white spots in pressure areas or with lines in unusual places that usually would n... Read More »