Sun burn that's bubbling up,whats best to use?

Answer If they're fluid filled bubbles and they cover a large portion of your body, you should go to the hospital. They are second degree burns and you risk becoming dehydrated. If they are air-filled bub... Read More »

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Is there anything better than limewire [thats not to complicated] that u can download music & video thats free?

You better start using itunesotherwise you'll lose your internet…,2933,4700……

What is the best fashion store thats out right now?

Well lets see: If you are teen H & M or A & F Hollister (Some of these places are expensive so always look at clearence erally cheap!) Aeropostal Forever 21.Hope this helps~

What is the best web browser to use thats fast and secure?

It really depends on what you are looking for in a browser. Internet Explorer has been around for ages, and has the full support of Microsoft behind it. It is sleek and powerful, but on old(ish) co... Read More »

Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to you, and the best?

worst thing..........being shot down in Iraq while on a mission in a thing......waking up in Germany to see my wife and hearing the doctor say i think he will pull thur ... Read More »