Sun & UV Rays Children's Activities?

Answer Sometimes it can be difficult for students to grasp the concept of the sun's invisible ultraviolet rays and their effects on humans and plant life on earth. When your class studies the sun and its ... Read More »

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Activities About Refracted Rays?

Refraction occurs when light changes velocity. This velocity change happens when light enters a medium with a different refractive index than the one through which it had been traveling. The relati... Read More »

Why are X-rays important?

X-rays are important because they are a noninvasive way to examine the internal parts of the body. They are also used to treat certain forms of cancer and are used in airports to scan luggage.Inte... Read More »

Can you copy x-rays?

X-rays can be duplicated by radiologic technologists who are trained to make high quality copies using a digital duplication method. These copies can be viewed on a lightbox like the original.Sourc... Read More »

How to Be a Tampa Bay Rays Fan?

Rays third baseman Evan LongoriaThe Rays are an exciting, young team- here's how to fully catch Rays fever!