Sun Poison Remedies?

Answer Sun poisoning can be painful, and ruin a day of outdoor fun. While it is always important to protect the skin with sunblock when spending long periods of time outdoors, people often do not remember... Read More »

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Poison Oak Home Remedies?

Poison oak causes an allergic reaction in many people. Rashes, itching and irritation develop on the skin when in comes into contact with poison oak, and blisters typically form as well. The poison... Read More »

Home remedies for poison ivy?

I actually took my son to the doctor for treatment. He plays soccer and had games coming up and to ease his discomfort I took him to the doctor and asked for the Medrol Dose Pack - or Prednisolone... Read More »

How to Prevent Getting Poison Ivy or Poison Oak?

Poison Ivy.Dermatologists estimate that about 15% of the population has no allergic reaction to urushiol, the toxic oil or resin found in poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. For the rest of u... Read More »

How to Treat Poison Ivy and Poison Oak?

Leaves of three, leave them be.If you ever get into poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac, you'll do anything to get rid of the itching. All three plants contain an oily sap called urushiol that ... Read More »