Sun, Moon and Star Activities for Kids?

Answer When teaching your class about astronomy, you can create a few activities to help your students learn about the sun, moon and stars. Activities about the sun, moon and stars can give the students a... Read More »

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Star this question if you are so excited to see the new moon movie?

hey Kòó|åïÐ Män they still refer to themselves as werewolves in this movie. Why do people who don't like Twilight answer questions about Twilight?? Probably just to be jerks and annoy those ... Read More »

Easy Star & Moon Party Decoration Ideas?

Throwing a celestially themed party is an appropriate idea for someone who has an interest in astronomy or just appreciates the moon and stars from an aesthetic perspective. While many boutiques an... Read More »

What are your favorite songs with the words '' star '' or '' moon '' or '' sun '' mentioned in the title?

Waiting for the Sun -The Doors…Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles…Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream Read More »

Where can you find the star and moon necklace work by Carrie in Sex and the city 2?

The necklace worn by Carrie in SATC2 was purchased in Turkey. But keep a look out. I am sure people will make replicas very shortly. (original purchased in Turkey by Patricia Field)