Sun Camera Effects?

Answer In outdoor photography sunlight is used as the basic source to light subjects. The color, direction, quantity and quality of this lighting source depends on the time of day, weather, season, locati... Read More »

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What are the negative effects of the camera?

After Effects 3D Camera Tutorial?

When creating animations in Adobe After Effects, the images may appear flat on the screen when played. To make your project come to life in After Effects, you should use the 3D camera. The camera c... Read More »

Cool Camera effects?

There really isn't much you can do with just the camera. However, if you go to and then click on AIRC (Adorama Imaging Resource Center) and then click on SFX Photography you'... Read More »

After Effects of Camera Motion Blur?

Camera motion blur occurs when a camera's shutter speed setting is too slow to compensate for the motion of the person holding the camera. While the severity of the blur depends on the lens, it bec... Read More »