Summary on Smart Kids With Learning Difficulties?

Answer Some children who are bright may not perform well in school because they have learning disabilities. Although they may have unique strengths, they have difficulty paying attention or have trouble w... Read More »

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How to Teach Kids With Learning Difficulties?

Learning disabilities are processing disorders that make it difficult for a person to learn or use skills. Students with learning disabilities may experience difficulty reading, writing, reasoning... Read More »

Schools That Help Kids with Learning Difficulties?

Children who have dyslexia, central auditory processing disorder, ADD, ADHD, or other disorders that interfere with learning need dedicated instruction. Schools staffed by teachers trained to remed... Read More »

How to Teach Kids With Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classroom?

For students with learning disabilities, the highlight of their day may be the time spent in the regular education classroom with their same age peers. Advocates applaud the placement of these chi... Read More »

Learning Difficulties in Literacy With Children?

Children may have difficulty learning to read and write for a variety of reasons. Most are related to the situations they encounter early in life, before they even enter school. This is the age whe... Read More »