Suit, Shirt & Tie Ideas?

Answer Whether formal attire is your everyday "work suit" or an option for special occasions, you must ensure its components (suit, shirt and tie) blend naturally. It is a challenging task to find the per... Read More »

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Is a T-shirt appropriate under a suit for an interview?

On One Hand: It is Not Appropriate For MenWhile workplace dress codes have become more casual in recent years, a T-shirt under a suit is not considered appropriate attire for an interview, accordin... Read More »

How to Choose a Shirt and Tie for a Business Suit?

It is not always easy to choose the right shirt and tie to go with your business suit. There are so many factors to think about--patterns, colors, and textures--that it can be overwhelming. Break d... Read More »

How to Make a One-Piece Bathing Suit Out of a T-Shirt?

Making a one-piece bathing suit out of a T-shirt is a fun way to customize your swimwear look for the summer. Create the look you want by using a brightly colored or patterned T-shirt and you could... Read More »

What color shirt and tie should i wear with my grey suit?

Hello Ryan. :)I admire you wearing a suit during an interview because other would just wear T-shirt or Just a simple clothes. That's nice. But... As to your concern, dark grey suit blends with the ... Read More »