Suing on a Debt That Has Already Been Paid?

Answer Debt collectors tend to increase the amount of lawsuits they file in bad economies, and some use automated software that can accidentally file a lawsuit on a paid debt. However, you must still foll... Read More »

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Can personal property or a paid off condominium be taken by a debt collector to pay off credit card debt in Pa?

Creditors may certainly look to seize/attach your assets of most types to pay the debts you promised or obligated to pay and don't. They also get to recover any costs for having to act to have you ... Read More »

Does the debt of a deceased person have to be paid?

On One Hand: The Deceased's Estate Is ChargedDebts and death are complicated. When a person dies and leaves outstanding debts behind, what usually happens, according to "," is their ... Read More »

Can my wages be garnished in tennessee for a credit debt that i haven't paid?

If a court in Tennessee issues a judgment in favor of the credit issuer to which the unpaid debt is owed, up to 25 percent of your wages can be garnished to settle the debt. Additionally, an intere... Read More »

I have $85,000 in medical bills, i have paid 45,000 + some credit card debt, should i file bankruptcy?

I am terribly sorry to hear about your situation. Tragically, millions of people in the U.S. have found themselves in severe financial distress due to medical cost and the lack of adequate health i... Read More »