Suicide Door Installation?

Answer "Suicide doors" open in the reverse direction from conventional car doors and add a unique look to a custom job. They also make it easier for passengers to exit the vehicle. Instead of the hinges a... Read More »

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How to Install Suicide Door Hinges?

Suicide doors are car doors that open up in a different way than traditional car doors. The hinges installed cause the doors to open backward instead of out. You can purchase a suicide hinge kit to... Read More »

How to Install Suicide Door Hinges on a 52 Chevy Pickup?

Suicide hinges alter the direction of your car doors. Doors with these hinges installed open "up" rather than out, but these kinds of hinges can be costly. As of November 2010, suicide hinges typic... Read More »

Door Installation Instructions?

By using pre-hung doors and learning the steps to follow before beginning you can install your own door. First you will need to measure the opening. Measure inside to inside of the side framing stu... Read More »

How do I measure a door for installation?

MeasureMeasure the total width and height of the door, including the sidelight if including the slab measurements. Use a tape measure to measure the width of the door from one side of the door to t... Read More »