Suggestions to Stop School Violence?

Answer Youth violence is a serious issue that can addressed by school-based programs that are designed to prevent, stop and reduce violent and aggressive behavior in students. More serious forms of violen... Read More »

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How to Stop Workplace Violence?

Workplace violence can take many forms, from a slap to a gunshot. However, not only can such violence result in injury or even death, but it can make the workplace an unpleasant, even frightening e... Read More »

How to Stop Bullying in a Domestic Violence Shelter?

The last thing you expect when going to a shelter to escape domestic violence is hostility and abuse from your fellow survivors. Yet bullying in women's shelters is common. Many times women are sim... Read More »

How to Get Rid of School Violence?

School violence affected about 1.2 million students in the United States in the form of non-fatal crimes, according a 2008-09 collaborative study conducted by the National Center for Education Stat... Read More »

What Are the Causes of School Violence & What Can We Do About It?

The nation's attention was focused on Columbine High School in Colorado when two students shot and killed 13 classmates before killing themselves in 1999. The killers' parents and the music they li... Read More »