Suggestions on Writing a Story about Kindergarten?

Answer Writing a short story is a good writing exercise for kindergarten students who are just learning to spell basic words. Because of a kindergartner's limited ability for writing, some simple ideas ca... Read More »

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My son, who is in kindergarten, does not focus in the classroom,any suggestions please?

sitting alone helps a lot! i have more than one students who always talk and ignore my lessons all the time and i did the same thing. separate them and let them sit alone. or maybe a punishment lik... Read More »

Grant Writing Suggestions?

When applying for a grant, you must make sure that your application is sufficiently well-written to not only demonstrate your own needs, but convince the deciding body that your needs are greater t... Read More »

Math Story Problems for Kindergarten?

Story problems, also known as word problems, require more than just math; students have to be able to read and comprehend the puzzles as well. Children in kindergarten might not yet possess this tr... Read More »

Story Retell Ideas for Kindergarten?

Story retelling helps students learn about the elements of a story such as characters, plot, sequence and setting. Pre-readers and early readers engage in this activity after a teacher or parent re... Read More »