Suggestions on Good, cheap-ish External Hard Drives?

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What is a good price for various external hard drives?

about 100 - 120 bucksI would go with western digital...1 terabyte is only a few bucks more than a 250 or a 500.. why not go for the big one?never hurts to have too much, but when you dont have eno... Read More »

I need a good, reliable, and inexpensive Mac-compatible external hard drive...any suggestions?

My Book from Western Digital, available at Best Buy (Apple stores sell them, but at higher prices).

Where to find good cheap hard drives and graphics tablets?

I am always building computers and fixing them and I use Scan computers as I find them very competitive and efficient. Try them you are on I have a question on regarding... Read More »

How do I run two external hard drives with a Mac?

In most cases the USB device will draw its power from the computer via the USB cable. If this is not the case, then plug in the power adapter. If the external hard drive has a power button, turn it... Read More »