Suggest me some antiviruses that work in windows xp?

Answer k7 Anti Virus is the best anti-virus.I suggest it because i am using this antivirus for the past 4 years without any problemSPECIALTY OF THIS ANTIVIRUS : It cannot delete any keygen or exe Shortcut... Read More »

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Can we use two antiviruses?

You can but I wouldn't do it. The issue just one will slow your computer and now you have two. Also unless you set the programs to ignore the quarantined folders for the other program they may go b... Read More »

Is it bad to have 2 antiviruses installed?

Hi KGety AVAST. End of story. That is by far the best trojan, virus checker and used mostly by programmers. It is fast, reliable, and will eliminate all those spyware.It's FREE. What do you have t... Read More »

The Top Five Antiviruses for Linux?

Linux is a robust alternative to the Windows operating system. That said, protection from viruses and malware remains a concern. Many anti-virus programs are available, each offering different pros... Read More »

How to Remove Malware and Antiviruses?

Anti-malware and antivirus programs are useful for keeping a computer virus-free. Sometimes however, you may have too many of these helpful programs installed, causing conflicts or stopping you fro... Read More »