Suggest me some antiviruses that work in windows xp?

Answer k7 Anti Virus is the best anti-virus.I suggest it because i am using this antivirus for the past 4 years without any problemSPECIALTY OF THIS ANTIVIRUS : It cannot delete any keygen or exe Shortcut... Read More »

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Suggest me some games that runs on my pc?

No graphics card? You must at least have an onboard one. You can check by going to Start -> Run -> type "dxdiag" -> chose the display tab. Let us know what you got.

You want to buy some good quality headphones for around 100pounds what can anyone suggest that is worth buying?

There is no Sprint iPhone. Most likely wont happen till late 2011.

Suggest, i want to learn self grooming classes that include makeup and hairstyles.can u suggest any academys/?

VLCC is definitely good. To get details and reviews about other institutes just check this link:

If a work colleague told you to get your fat lazy a%*e off that computer and do some work, would you?