Suggest me good name for my new internet Cafe..?

Answer The Coffee Click CafeFloppy Disc CafeHard Drive Cafe (Hard Rock Cafe)Clicks and Giggles Cafe (shts and giggles)Wired CafeLip Top CafeJittery Jim Jam JoeDaily Fix CafeCoffee Upload CafeVirtual Coffa... Read More »

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Please suggest me a good anti virus for internet security?

There is no one BEST program for everyone and no single program can protect against all infections! Each person's individual computer usage is completely different. Some folks download illegal pr... Read More »

Do you use internet at home or visit to an internet cafe ?

I daily use internet banking, facebook, gmail etc, can you please suggest me which internet security is best?

Well my friend, there is no internet security that can protect you, they can only be an advisor at maximum. The chances of any protection program catching a particular threat is about 1 percent. Yo... Read More »

How to Set up an Internet Cafe?

As the popularity of using computers for everything continues to increase, people without their own computers, business travelers and those on vacations need to use computers more and more. An Inte... Read More »