Sugar risks How much is okay?

Answer How much depends also on you age. Children need some sugar..And honey and molasses and stevia are better choices then sugar. When you are above 40 it is better to avoid sugar completely as sugar de... Read More »

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Is 24 grams of sugar okay?

If you are diabetic, it needs to be counted as part of your daily/mealtime allowance. It WILL still raise your blood sugar (glucose) levels even though the 'sugar' in milk is called lactose. It g... Read More »

How to know a pet sugar glider is okay?

Hard to tell and if she won't let you bring him to the vet you can't do nothing.Your question was posted in the wrong section and not in the pet section but I think you knew it already. Sorry for t... Read More »

Is a fasting blood sugar of 58 okay?

That's definitely on the low side. Most doctors would classify that as hypoglycemic. Are you symptomatic at that level?

Is it okay to skip Lantus for the night if blood sugar is 124?

Hi, I am a pharmacy intern working at a drug information center. It is important not to skip or miss doses of insulin (1). As you mentioned, 124 is in normal range, but not close to the threshold o... Read More »