Sugar makes me sick yet I crave it. Why?

Answer Protein. I found this for you... and the site I got it from is below. Good luck!Q: Why do I constantly crave sweets? A: Craving sweets is often because we are not eating in a good balance, usuall... Read More »

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Why do I crave sugar the day after drinking (maybe a bit too much) alcohol?

The alcohol can trigger low blood sugar levels and you would seek sugars.If you ever wake up after sweating profusely and it isn't all that hot, that is a symptom of a low BSLCheck with your Doctor... Read More »

I am a Diabetic! Why is it that when my blood sugar goes up high I crave diet soda like crazy?

because of your body starts dumping insulin into your blood and makes you crave itgood lucksmile

What makes you crave sweets?

Everyone craves sweets, whether it's every day or once in a while. Those who have regular cravings may have more going on than needing a simple sugar fix.MoodEmotional eaters under a lot of stress ... Read More »

If two weeks after sex you are feeling sick after eating and you cannot smoke because it makes you sick could you be pregnant?

If you did not use birth control you may be pregnant, if you have also missed your period. However nausea is a symptom of so many things that on its own it does not necessarily mean you are pregnan... Read More »