Sugar Dissolves in Water Faster Than Salt Science Projects?

Answer When a substance dissolves in another substance, it forms a solution. The substance being dissolved is called the solute, and the substance it is dissolving into is called the solvent. Sugar and sa... Read More »

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What sugar dissolves faster in water after being shaken: brown or white?

Brown sugar, packed or loose, dissolves faster than granulated white sugar when shaken in cold water. An experiment showed that when 1 tbsp. sugar is poured into 1/4 cup cold water, white sugar tak... Read More »

Science Projects and Research With Salt, Sugar, Water and Ice Cubes?

There are many elementary science projects and experiments that can be easily carried out using salt, sugar, water and ice cubes or some combination of these supplies. Experiments of this nature ar... Read More »

Do eggs float faster in sugar water or salt water?

The reason that eggs float or sink in certain fluids such as water is based on their density. If the density of the egg is more than the density of the water it will sink. This can be adjusted by a... Read More »

Does sugar water freeze faster than salt water?

That would depend upon the concentrations of these solutions, but yes, sugar is a less effective anti-freeze than salt is.