Suffer with either or both Headaches / Migraines ?

Answer You poor girl, one bit of advice i can give you through my experiences with poor health that eats away at you is to dont take no we cant find it or help for an answer.There are many bad Dr's out th... Read More »

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POLL: Do you suffer with migraines ?

NO babe,l would NEVER say "I have an Headache" to You Dearest.............. Never.

I suffer with migraines, does anyone have any ideas?

Hi ShazzaHere are the answers you need.Cause This is often the result of a disturbance in some other part of the body, such as digestive disorders in the stomach, liver or bowel; problems in the ab... Read More »

I suffer with real bad headaches, looking for alternative therapy?

I'm so sorry for your headaches, but the best advice is to ask your doctor about "Inderal". I suffer from daily migraines, and have gone to neorologyst and emergency room. Inflammatory donnot help,... Read More »

Migraines, do you suffer?

Try 4head. It's a rub on cream in a stick - costs about £5.95. Doesn't clear head completely but does give some relief and is not taken internally - bonus.