Suddenly deaf in right ear?

Answer Go see the doctor if you're not sure. If it is ear wax build up, they can remove some of the wax. If not, they can still help.

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I suddenly went deaf in my left ear...?

yes, water in your ear, mixing with ear wax. It will clear, lay down with bad ear on pillow to let it drain.

Can I be going deaf in my right ear?

In short yes you could however by what you discribe , I am inclined to believe that you have a couple things that you could have wrong , this is not to say that every thing I am telling you is wron... Read More »

Rock thrown at head, now deaf in right ear, help?

Two things you should do right away: a) find a physician and have it examined. No telling what the extent of the damage is until you have a professional look at it; b) have your parents talk to the... Read More »

Is wanting a deaf baby if you are a deaf couple ethical or unethical and for what reasons?

Desire to Have a Deaf Baby CONSENSUS on this page seems to be: 1. Deaf parents wanting to adopt a deaf baby (one already born deaf) is ethical and probably advantageous, laudable. 2. Deaf parents... Read More »