Suddenly can't access wi-fi through Laptop but can through Phone?

Answer Wi-Fi connection can create problems for various reasons like incorrect browser settings, errors in cable connection, misplaced passwords or a modem requiring reset. You can manually check your Wi-... Read More »

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Can any cell phone be tethered to my laptop for Internet access?

Any cell phone that can be connected to your laptop via wired and/or Bluetooth connection and has a high-speed wireless option attached to the service can be used for tethering. This consists of co... Read More »

I was checking my answers in yahoo, but suddenly my laptop showed a blue screen and my laptop was restarted.?

BSOD (commonly called the blue screen of death) can have many times many causes. It could be something as simple as a driver issue, corrupted software or corrupted windows installation, or be as in... Read More »

Suddenly, I can't save forms in Access 2003, why?

It would have helped to see the exact error message you are getting that is preventing you from saving the Form. This is because there are several reasons you might not be able to save. And it wo... Read More »

Configure laptop to access I-net via a bluetooth adapter and my I-net enabled bluetooth c-phone?

sorry that your stuck,i would love to help but i don't know anything abouut this little problem of yours.all i can say is that you should go to a tech place and ask then about this little problem o... Read More »