Sudden stabbing pain in right breast?

Answer Have you told a parent? First course of action........

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Drinking dr.pepper, all of the sudden it felt like someone was stabbing me?

No, this does *not* sound like a heart attack based on the history of the symptoms. It sounds like acid reflux. Most likely the symptom was acid from the stomach getting past the esophageal sphinct... Read More »

What is this stabbing pain behind right ear that comes and goes?

I get these all the time. you can also search on google for "ice pick headaches""They're "ice pick headaches." They are short, stabbing, extremely intense headaches that can be absolutely terrifyin... Read More »

Stabbing pain?

Could be caused by an intercostal muscle spasm. Have you been evaluated by a good Chiropractor?Next time it occurs, run your fingers between the ribs over the area of the pain - this is the area o... Read More »

Stabbing pain behind left eye?

Best guess is the onset of a migraine headache, although more detail would help (feel free to add to the Discussion section of this question).Has this happened before? Does it come and go? Anything... Read More »