Sudden drops of framerate when using fraps?

Answer Probably the overhead for dropping the file to disk.You could try using a RAM disk for this, if you have the RAM to spare.

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What will I need to upgrade to be able to record with Fraps without huge FPS drops?

You will encounter a large performance loss when you play and record on the same HDD, they cant handle it when you write on them at about 60Mb/sec and in the meantime you read game files. The easie... Read More »

What framerate will a tv run at?

We would have to know the model of your TV to give you an accurate answer. If you let us know, maybe one of us can dig up the info?Your TVs refresh rate is what you are asking about. It is typicall... Read More »

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How Can I Change Video Framerate?

You did not tell us which version iMovie or FInalCut.iMovie:Under Share, then go to "Both" below:FinalCutUnder File, then go to "Both", below:Both:Export Using QuickTime, select Movie to QuickTime ... Read More »