Sudden drops of framerate when using fraps?

Answer Probably the overhead for dropping the file to disk.You could try using a RAM disk for this, if you have the RAM to spare.

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What will I need to upgrade to be able to record with Fraps without huge FPS drops?

You will encounter a large performance loss when you play and record on the same HDD, they cant handle it when you write on them at about 60Mb/sec and in the meantime you read game files. The easie... Read More »

My friend was using her laptop when all of a sudden,her speakers didnt work.Does anyone know what happened?

Most likely she clicked on the mute button which kills the sound. That is easy to undo.There is also a sound system diagnostic she can run to do a test of the card and the settings.

How to Record Movies of PC Games Using Fraps?

Fraps is one of the best screenrecording programs currently on the market. Here is how to use it for recording games.

What's wrong with your pool if it turns dark purple when checking chlorine using the liquid method drops?

Answer Check your conditioner or chlorine stabilizer levels. They may be too high. Also check your test solutions for age. A year or more old - get new ones. Ken