Sucsess stories for sinusitus?

Answer Seeing as how your condition has forced you to post this in the wrong section.........

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Has anyone actually had sucsess with getting youtube to remove illegal/abusive posts?

Good luck with that one. I found one,once that was,just sick, a guy talking about pedophiles like they were ok. Reported it and nothing happened.

Embarrassing stories!!?

you are not going to get pleasure from my pain

How to Write Sad Stories?

Are you into sad things, or are sad, or...just want to write something sad. Well,then you'll need to read below.

Conception stories...?

well, hubby and i had been trying for almost 9 years. we went through years of fertilty treatments and we had 2 ectopics and a miscarriage. well, we were financially drained to try again and we gav... Read More »