Sucsess stories for sinusitus?

Answer Seeing as how your condition has forced you to post this in the wrong section.........

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Has anyone actually had sucsess with getting youtube to remove illegal/abusive posts?

Good luck with that one. I found one,once that was,just sick, a guy talking about pedophiles like they were ok. Reported it and nothing happened.

How to Tell Stories Well?

A properly told story is a joy for both the audience and the storyteller. However, all too often stories end up being painful for the audience and embarrassing for the teller. This needs to be fixe... Read More »

BGT- Is anyone else fed up with the Sob stories?

If they have to play on their sob story for votes, then they're not good enough to go through. Their talent should get them through, if they need to depend on their sob story then they shouldn't be... Read More »

Period Stories?

ok well mine happened at homw it my mom so that was not a good story but my cusin got hers in the 5th grade. she went to the bathroom and then didnt kno what to do the nurse was out that day and s... Read More »